(WBRE/WYOU-TV) A Luzerne County employee is under investigation tonight. Today — Pennsylvania’s Auditor General had some pointed words for the County’s Election Bureau director.   This comes amid questions about trips made by Marisa Crispell.

The trips were paid for by a company that provides election equipment to the county.

The Auditor General says his agents will investigate those trips.   Our Lead I-Team Reporter Andy Mehalshick with a closer look at the investigation…

  “Needless to say for anybody that has known me for 30 seconds that is outrageous ” Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale blasted Luzerne County officials about two all-expense paid trips for Bureau of Election Director Marisa Crispell in 2017.

  “The idea that any public official in Pennsylvania would go to Vegas for a junket for a company that they help get taxpayer dollars for, yet alone for our elections is a disgrace,” Said DePasquale

 Crispell , wouldn’t comment today, but has said previously that she took those trips to Las Vegas and Nebraska as a member of the customer advisory board for the company, election systems and software. Or ES & S based in Nebraska. She’s also said she resigned from the advisory board before the county put out a request for bids to supply poll books in January of 2018.

The county council awarded the company a contract for those books, at Crispell’s recommendation. Eyewitness News has confirmed that the trips taken by Crispell were approved by the solicitor for the Bureau of Elections.

 But Pasquale says, in his opinion, those trips were not proper.

  “I’m announcing today that we are going to investigate this across Pennsylvania. We are going to question this individual. I want to know what they did in Vegas. She was there on public business. I want to know what the heck they did. Also, want to know why it wasn’t on her ethics form.” County Manager Dave Pedri told Eyewitness News they were the one who contacted the auditor general saying   ‘We actually contacted the Auditor General’s office to look into the matter. We want to be transparent about this and will do the right thing”