RIO de JANEIRO, BRAZIL (WBRE/WYOU) With so many languages being spoken at the Olympic Village, communication can sometimes be tricky. But there’s one mother tongue that is universal.. The language of food..

Eyewitness News Reporter Jasmine Brooks  says the athletes are turning to a very American spot to tame their hunger..  The biggest athletes in the world also have some of the biggest appetites..

  “Just training in general makes you so hungry” said Brittany O’Brien, a Diver from Australia,.” All I want to do is eat.”

No surprise there, but what may come as a shock is that the never ending line inside the athletes’ villa are eading up to the Golden Arches.

You would expect world class athletes would want a world class meal, right?

Well it’s actually McDonald’s that has athletes lining up not only out the door, but almost out of the village.

Ashley Kelly, track and  field Olympian from British Virgin Islands said “I heard that this line has been normally this long so I guess everybody has the same mindset; they need to eat.”

Australian Diver, Brittany O’Brien says she’s willing to wait as long as it takes to get her “Macs and chips”.”

 The staff behind the counter…. is a team as well.  A handful of McDonald’s employees from the U.S. and Brazil were nominated to work at the Olympic games.  And they are Lovin’ It!!