RIO de JANEIRO, BRAZIL-  (WBRE/WYOU)  A hobby within the Olympic games is gaining a lot of popularity in rio. Our jasmine brooks takes a look at the world of pin trading.


Carol Lord a Vancouver native has traveled to Brazil and brought along her collection of pins to trade with people from around the world.

 “It sounds crazy to be honest. When I kind of started all this I really thought it was crazy, but it gets addictive.”

Pin trading is as simple as it sounds….and the more rare a pin is, the more pins you may have to give up to get the piece you want.

Lord is still searching for her favorite pin, but in Rio she’s looking to find as many as possible….evening making a trade on her bus ride to the Olympic park .

“I was squished to the nines up to the coca cola guy and we did a trade on the bus! (Laughs)”

If you think lord has a big collection of pins…Meet Tim Jamieson.
 He’s been collecting pins since 1984.

 “At home, don’t tell my wife , i have about 28-thousand.”

So how does he know which pins to bring with him everyday?

 “It’s kind of a scientific thing.”

It’s also a social thing. Tim says pin trading breaks down language barriers and connects people.

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