HAZLE TOWNSHIP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — As the clean-up from last weekend’s snowstorm continues across our region, one area community is cracking down on those who violate the snow parking ban.

Hazleton officials say illegally parked vehicles hindered snow removal and continue to slow with clean-up operations.

The same message is being said from officials across Northeastern Pennsylvania when it comes to snow removal operations both during the storm and even five days afterward.

They urge residents to cooperate with street crews and in Hazleton, they are sending a warning you could face stiff penalties if you violate that city’s snow parking ban.

“This year when it snows, especially the last snowfall. A lot of cars were parked on the wrong side,” said Craig Budde.

Craig and Vilmare Budde say few people followed posted snow parking bans on Arthur Street and that caused problems for some neighbors because snow plows had a tough time clearing the street.

“Well, it’s difficult for many. It’s difficult for the disabled. It’s difficult for the elderly it’s difficult for everyone for those who have children. It’s difficult makes it really really difficult,” stated Vilmare.

The snow parking ban is posted on just about every street in the city. People who live on the side of the street with a blue sign cannot park here during storms on odd-numbered years.

Those who live on the side of the street with the red signs are banned from parking during storms on even-numbered years.

Each ban starts in November and ends in March and yellow signs ban parking on the entire street during storms.

We found numerous snow-covered vehicles that have not been moved since last weekend’s storm.

“Storms at the beginning of the year are very important to get the streets as clear as possible for any follow-up that does come along,” explained Mayor Jeff Cusat.

Mayor Cusat says people face citations of $80 dollars plus.

“Cars can be towed especially if they are parked too close to a corner in a real dangerous way or if they get on a second storm if there’s a ticket from the first storm or previous storms. Still on the car then we will tow that vehicle,” stated Cusat.

Hazleton public works crews were removing snow from north Wyoming street Friday.

They say they have to get ahead of the game now in anticipation of future snowstorms and urge people to follow the snow bans moving forward.

“Our concern right now is at least we get through the streets and we’re trying to do our best to make sure they follow the snow ban signs,” said Frank Vito-Hazleton D.P.W. Director.

City councilman Tony Colombo says it’s not about issuing tickets it’s about public safety.

“For the most part, people are realizing getting what’s going on with parking bans. We are just trying to reinforce it to make sure they don’t have to receive a ticket for parking on the wrong side of the street,” stated Tony Columbo.

The mayor tells me they issued nearly 400 tickets for snow parking ban violations in the past week.

He says is about what they expect in a first big snow event that number usually goes down as people realize they can face penalties for violating the snow parking ban.