“Another Shot at Love”


(WBRE/WYOU) Finding love later in life is never easy.
     But these days, it can be more convenient.
     One relationship expert Anchor Candice Kelly  talked with says using modern technology.. is giving seniors “Another Shot at Love”..

When it comes to playing games, Wilma, Francis and Dorris,  three residents at Allied Terrace in Scranton are all aces.
     But when it comes to playing for hearts.. they keep their cards close to their chest.
     Wilma Kreher  Is 91-years-old and was married for 56 years, She has been a widow from her husband Roman for more than a decade.
     For her, finding love a second time around isn’t in the cards.
“I’m willing to meet people, but I’m not looking for love after 56 years of marriage.”
    Dorris Clifford, who is 90, echoes that feeling.
“I’d go for companionship more than I would marriage.”
     She and 91-year-old Francis Holland say finding that companion later in life is difficult because there aren’t many places for people their age to socialize.
      When the dating pool is shallow later in life.. are the cards stacked against them? Senior dating and relationship expert and author Ken Solin says no.

More and more seniors are making a love connection with an internet connection.
“The roles of seniors and websites for online dating are exploding. Everybody gets now if you want to meet people that’s the only way to meet a lot of people.” Said Solin
      Although Solin says senior women are at a huge disadvantage because they outnumber men 3 or 4 to one online.
“It’s certainly more difficult than when they were 20 or 30, but online dating success is all about smart dating.”
      Solin says when you start up a profile, make sure you use a picture of yourself smiling and try to sound exciting in your description.
      Avoid people who are loners.
      And go after people who share the same interests.
“The truth is, in relationships, the more alike people are the better. The notion that opposites attract as good dating advice is totally bogus, it’s been debunked, it just doesn’t work.” Added Solin
      Francis Holland wouldn’t mind finding another companion. But is concerned the internet is too much of a gamble.
“Because I think when you are older you trust people more and they abuse their trust, some people are just looking for money or something, you know.”
     Solin says that fear is normal. And has this advice.  “If the issue of money ever comes up, hang up, go away, just forget that person.”
    While modern technology can help these seniors get back in the game.
“Well, I think that’s up to the individual. Myself, I’m not interested.” Noted Dorris
“If you’re lucky and find the right one, it’s great, yeah.” added Francis
     This group seems happy with the hand that’s dealt them.

for more on Ken Solin’s experience and books on dating, click here.

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