WILLIAMSPORT, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) It’s an act of kindness in a troubled world. One group of essential workers in Lycoming County received a special treat Monday morning as a way to say thanks for all of their hard work.

“Yes it’s great, it is great. Yep… and very caring,” said Dominick Bragalone, a bus driver at River Valley Transit.

Monday morning, a free grab-and-go breakfast was delivered by an anonymous donor to all of the bus drivers at River Valley Transit.

It was a kind gesture as a way to say thanks for everything they’ve been doing out in the community.

“Oh it’s greatly appreciated, you know. If it came from a passenger or even from one of our bosses we greatly appreciate it just for being recognized for being out here doing what we’re doing,” said Kevin Taylor, a bus driver with River Valley Transit.

“Oh eggs, pancakes, bacon—very nice of them,” said Dominick Bragalone.

For the safety of the passengers and bus operators, River Valley Transit added two more buses between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. on weekdays.

The increase in bus trips avoids overcrowding on the buses.

“Well I don’t think anybody really knows what they deal with. A lot of people just think they’re out there cruising around the bus all day but they’re dealing with passengers,” said Tim Miller, operations manager at River Valley Transit.

Additional time points have also been added going both East and West departing from the Trade and Transit Centre. Routes include a majority of the essential places people need to get to such as hospitals, nursing homes and doctors offices.

Dominick Bragalone has been with River Valley Transit for nearly 20 years. He says now, amidst the pandemic, it hasn’t been easy.

“I’d say it’s very demanding and we stay pretty busy throughout the day. We haul I’m not sure how many millions of people but it can be very trying sometimes,” said Bragalone.

During the long days and extended hours, bus drivers are asking just one thing—for everyone to take all the necessary precautions before catching a ride.

“Oh we have to stay safe, you know. We wear our face masks and we’re loading from the rear doors and fare-free riding right now. That’s helped a lot to help to keep the drivers away from the drivers and the public away from the drivers also,” said Kevin Taylor.

“We’re asking the passengers to wear a mask when they get on the bus. According to the info we’ve gotten from PennDOT and our attorneys we cant force them to wear a mask so the drivers are asking them to wear a mask,” said Tim Miller.

The updated transit schedule can be found here.