STROUDSBURG, MORNOE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A local veterinary center hosted a yearly event today. They consider it their way to give back to the community, and a local shelter by helping out our feline friends.

More than 100 cats got in their carriers and made the ride to Stroudsburg, saving pet parents a couple hundred dollars while they were at it.

Pocono Peak Veterinary Center held its annual Catsnip, offering to spay and neuter cats at a discounted rate.

Those who came out helped the center in its mission of controlling the stray cat population in Monroe County.

“We had an outpouring of support. All of our staff here at Pocono Peak is donating their time today. We had volunteers from our friends, our family, a lot of volunteers from Camp Papillon, and the community. A lot of support today,” said Nikki Carney, associate veterinarian at Pocono Peak Veterinary Center.

Four of the center’s doctors performed the surgeries at once, spaying 60 female cats and neutering 60 male cats by the end of the day.

“In the span of about eight years, we’ve prevented about 2,000,000 stray kittens from being born,” Carney explained.

Kittens that would most likely end up at an animal shelter right down the road.

The low-cost Catsnip event is more than just a cost-efficient way to spay or neuter your furry friend. 100% of proceeds that are made will be donated directly to Camp Papillon Animal Shelter.

The mission of Camp Papillon is to take in the homeless, the strays, and the neglected animals from the county and ready them for adoption.

Several buildings make up the shelter which is working on bringing back its cat cottage that burned down in 2020.

“We’re now renovating the main house on campus to make it a cat cottage. So this contribution will be amazing for all the things we have going on down there and the doctors are just so supportive,” said Mebbie Bradley-Van Orman, president of Camp Papillon Animal Shelter.

The support does not just come from the doctors, as camp papillon members volunteer at the event as a way to say thank you.

“I’ve been doing these Catsnips with doctor Sammy, doctor Nikki, and doctor Christine for a couple of years. It means the world to us that they welcome us and to help them, help us,” said President Bradley-Van Orman.

The Catsnip event required an appointment, so keep an eye out for next year’s event.

Head to Camp Papillon’s website to learn more about donating to its mission.