HONESDALE, WAYNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)— A Wayne County animal shelter is closing its doors after needing time to take on 31 abused dogs.

After rescuing more than two dozen dogs, Dessin Animal Shelter in Honesdale is struggling to care for all of those animals, and tonight they are asking for the community’s help.

The barking heard in that video is the sound of some of the dogs rescued from a recent animal hoarding case. They were left outside without food or water until they were rescued and brought to Dessin Animal Shelter. A board member at the shelter says what she saw is hard to relive.

“Pretty deplorable, you know it was hard to see so it’s kind of hard to talk about too,” said Kathy Adams, a board member of Dessin Animal Shelter.

The shelter also houses cats and other animals, but since this hoarding situation, it has closed its doors to visitors until they have the space to take in more animals.

“We have been full, but then these 31 really added an overflow. We actually have to keep some of the dog outside which we never do, but the good thing is that they have better shelter and a nice warm bed and water and food which they did not have before,” Adams explained.

They’ve only had these dogs in their care for four days now, but within that time frame the community has been very supportive.

“They’ve been doing a lot of different things they’ve been bringing all sorts of food and um blankets lots of blankets which is great and towels and Clorox and all the things we need to help take care of the animals. So it’s been a really great outpouring it’s wonderful actually,” Adams told 28/22 News. “Maybe 150 to 200 bags, there’s lots of blankets — oh towels.”

One couple said they wanted to help after hearing about the 31 dogs rescued from the hoarding situation.

“Animals are helpless they have nobody to advocate for them, so Dessin is such a great, community-oriented organization. The need was great, and they brought them here to take care of them, so we wanted to help contribute to feeding them,” said Marianne McConeghy, a donor.

For anyone who would like to donate anything, they can stop by the shelter and drop them off. They are in need of food, towels, blankets, cleaning supplies, and anything else that animals may need.  If you can’t stop by the shelter but would still like to help, visit the Dessin Animal Shelter’s website.