DALLAS, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)- It’s been a busy day for plow drivers, but sometimes even they are derailed by the snow.

Snow plow drivers say their equipment has taken a beaten this winter. Wednesday’s storm proved to be too much for some of the plows.

You might call Hilbert’s Equipment and Welding in Dallas the “ER” for snow plows. The business has been a busy place this winter.

“It took a beating with the weather, the snow and the ice,” said Mike Lambert of Plains Township.

So Lambert brought his “patient” to Hilbert’s.

“The pivot pin broke on me so the pin doesn’t work and the plow doesn’t work,” said Lambert.

Tom Wajda has seen just about everything when it comes to broken plows, especially in the winter season.

“They’re all different,” he said. “The valves in here that have to be changed every now and then. Hoses are blown out and angle cylinders, these are damaged.”

Plow drivers say time off the road is time not making money. Hilbert’s sees a lot of walk-in patients.

“They want to know information, they want parts, they want to get back on the road and get going,” said owner Larry Hilbert.

Hilbert says he expects to see a lot of walk-ins or drive-ups Thursday when the cleanup is just about over.