Alleged Teen Kidnap Victim: “I Went Willingly”


Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne County — As 21-year-old accused kidnapper Walter Lewis prepared to go before a magisterial judge Thursday morning, the alleged victim in the case dropped a verbal bombshell outside court. “I don’t take it that way that it was kidnapping. I went willingly.”

16-year-old Jenea Patterson of Wilkes-Barre who became the subject of a nationwide Amber Alert denied that Lewis, a man she had dated, had abducted her outside her Eastview Drive home July 30th. When asked by a reporter if she was afraid to go with him that night she replied, “No, I know him. I’ve known him for almost four years and I know, I know what he’s going to do.”

The teen’s version of what happened is in sharp contrast to what her mother, Cyndi Angeles, told Eyewitness News the day after the alleged crime. “She was calling mommy, mommy they’re taking me. They’re taking me. I said don’t worry Jenea I’m going to get you and then he had a gun and he shot it up in the air and told me get the “F” in the house.” Guillermo Levine who drove the teen home the night she disappeared with Lewis ended up injured. He told us that day, “I was there in the car with her when Walter Lewis pulled her out of the car, pointed a gun at all four of us who were in the car and he also broke my nose.”

Ms. Patterson said the altercation between the two men had nothing to do with her. “I don’t know what happened between them. That’s not really my business.”

When asked what she hopes happens to Lewis she said, “Him not to get a lot of time.”

“Well, it’s obviously going to create a problem for the prosecution,” said Attorney Al Flora. While not connected to the case, Atty. Flora said the prosecution will have to talk to the alleged victim to find out why she changed her story. “They’re going to have to find out is she afraid. Oftentimes that can happen and they may have to talk to her, calm her down and things like that.”

The hearing for Lewis was continued because of counsel conflict since his lawyer had also represented Ms. Patterson’s family. The hearing for Lewis was rescheduled for September 3rd.

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