COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) – Barbara Rogers remained silent on her way into court Wednesday.

“She’s been emotional when we’ve spoken to her,” says Richard Galloway, Defense Attorney.

During her preliminary hearing, a detective with Pocono Mountain Regional Police was the sole person to testify.

The detective says when he arrived at the couple’s on Laurel Drive in Tobyhanna last month, he found Steven Mineo dead inside with a gun and box of bullets nearby.

The detective believes Mineo was sitting on the floor with his legs crossed when Rogers put a gun to his forehead and pulled the trigger. Then, she called 911.

Investigators believe the motive was a cult connection.

“It’s hard to put it all together, to be frank,” Galloway adds.

Mineo allegedly belonged to an online cult, led by a woman named Sherry Shriner. Cult members were convinced Rogers was a witch or a reptile who wanted to kill Mineo.

“Steven pushed back against that,” Galloway says.

The situation allegedly caused tension in the couple’s relationship.

Eyewitness News reached out to Sherry Shriner on social media. She stated, “we tried to warn him because we cared about him. She was dangerous and he was just blinded by her.”

The victim’s family was in court but declined to comment on camera, as did prosecutors.

After the shooting, police say Rogers gave conflicting stories but ultimately admitted to killing Mineo.

A judge held all charges against her to Commonwealth Court, where Rogers will stand trial. She remains behnd bars in Monroe County.