DICKSON CITY, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Many are finally done buying Christmas gifts, but a lot of shopping is just getting started.

Many stores are packed with people getting used out of their Christmas money and gift cards.

With their pockets full, new gift cards shining, and deals flowing, shoppers flooded through the Viewmont Mall in Dickson City for day-after-Christmas sales.

Some had an agenda.

“We came out to kind of get some stuff for the kids and we figured we’d stop at AT&T, they had a few deals with the IPads and stuff and we took advantage of it,” said Vinny Palmieri of New Foundland.

While others window-shopped for reduced prices.

“Yeah, we just come up and we walk and then if we see a deal we’ll take it. We just see what’s on sale and go from there,” said Joe Kadlubowski of Dickson City.

Customers are eager to use their brand-new gift cards.

“Yeah, I went over to Ulta, used a gift card, and then I just went into aerie. There are always sales after Christmas so I thought I’d stop in and just get a couple of things. Sales have been really good actually,” said Olivia Nepa of Jermyn.

Jennifer Mineo confirms just how good the sales have been, traveling from Delaware and spending her day at the local mall.

“There’s a lot of 50 and 40 percent off,” said Mineo.

Some were seen just enjoying the last of the holiday season.

“I saw some wonderful deals and everything is priced down low and it’s just nice to walk around and socialize,” said Patricia McLain of Scranton.

The Viewmont Mall will be open until 9:00 p.m. Monday night for those who want to cash in on some of those last-minute deals.