DANVILLE, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Local animal shelters say the pandemic trend of adopting a four-legged friend has come to an end. Leading to full shelters across the commonwealth.

Dating back to 2020, adopting a four-legged friend provided happy tales to those through the pandemic.

But now, local animal shelters like the Danville SPCA are at, or near capacity. With low adoption rates and owner surrenders flooding in.

“We believe it’s because everybody’s going back to work now after covid. So we have dogs coming in because they’re moving, they don’t have time, or they have a new family member coming in such as having a baby.”

Michaela Royer, the community engagement coordinator with the Danville SPCA, says due to the high dog population. The shelter is waving adoption fees for all dogs on Saturday, saving possible fur-ever families hundreds of dollars.

“If they’re a puppy, eight weeks up to seven months, their adoption fee would normally be $450. So that’s our highest adoption fee, so they typically range anywhere between $150 and $300.”

Dogs that normally would be adopted quickly are having longer stays, ranging from months to years, need to adjust to life at the shelter.

“A lot of dogs like Porter for example, with him being nine, typically tend to de-stress when they get stressed out being here at the shelter. So it takes them a while to de-stress. A lot of dogs, it’s hard on them mentally,” said Royer.

Putting on their best smile and perfecting the handshake. Dogs like Batman, Que, and Rocky are ready to find their ‘fur-ever’ homes.

“The dogs are alone from when we leave at 7:00 at night until we get back at 9:00 in the morning, so they would absolutely rather be in a house on a comfy couch or even a crate, if they have to be crated, versus having to be in a kennel all that time,” said Royer.

The free adoption event kicks off at 12:30 Saturday, March 25, at the Danville SPCA.