A Meow for Help! Kitten Rescue in Pittston


PITTSTON, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV)   A crying kitten stuck in a drain triggers a rescue effort in Pittston.

  The drama unfolded on Winter Street in Pittston with a father and son answering the kitten’s calls.

    Eyewitness News Photojournalist Joseph Butash on the scene moments after the call and has exclusive video of the rescue.

  “Well the fire company couldn’t do it so we got a machine that could do it,” Explains Ian Scrobola of the Pittston City Housing Authority.

  “It’s (the cat) been in there since like yesterday and since this morning,” said Harmony Urbaniak of Pittston who explained the scenario to Eyewitness News.

   “He started off about 50 yards away and then I had to run him down and then he was about 100 yards away,” Said Ian Scrobola who went into the storm drain on a rescue mission.

Ian was using his phone’s flashlight for guidance. 

  “The lady over there who gave us cat food said she heard it yesterday. She heard crying,” explained the children who gathered to watch the rescue mission.

Then crying could be heard from the drain.  Ian found the kitten!

   Joe Scrobola of Pittston told us his son called asking for the front loader to lift the grate.

“He asked for it, I’m going to give it to him, you got to save the cat, you can’t let it get hurt.”

The rescue mission approved by the young on-lookers.

  “Yeah pretty good, he did a good job,” Said Chino Quinenos.

  “Oh my God, I was like all scared. I was like that cat might have broken something,” Added Harmony Urbaniak.

  “I’m so glad because it could have gotten hurt worse,” said Rylee Armstrong who was happy the rescue was a success.

The kitten is okay and was taken to the Luzerne County S-P-C-A.

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