SWOYERSVILLE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)— A Luzerne County man is preparing to head to war-torn Ukraine on an extended mission. His goal? To help those who cannot flee the devastation.

Daniel Griffin of Swoyersville is part of a team that will set up suitable conditions for Ukrainians unable to evacuate.

He is getting help from our local community but needs even more.

Daniel Griffin is no stranger to conflict.

For more than two decades, this retired Kingston police officer fought crime in local communities.

Now, this self-proclaimed handyman is gearing up to travel to Ukraine and help the country and its people rebuild.

“I think it was just, I had a feeling that I had to go. I think it was just the lord saying listen, you’re not done with helping people in the world,” Griffin told Eyewitness News.

Five months of devastation can be seen and heard on the ground in Ukraine.

Homes, buildings, and hospitals lay in ruins as the war with Russia wages on.

Griffin will be armed with power tools, protective gear, and as many other essentials he can carry on his journey.

Those resources will assist him and nearly two dozen others with a Polish humanitarian group. They will work in previously targeted and bombed-out areas.

“First we’re gonna do some building repairs for people that are at the medical aid stations that have been damaged, and make them suitable, make them sterile,” Griffin explained.

Griffin is stocking up on over-the-counter medications to give to those who need them. He will also spend time fixing up family homes, and restoring utilities like water and electricity.

“Some people can’t leave, or won’t leave, because it’s just their home and they just refuse to go, so they’re asking for us to come in and make it better for them,” said Griffin.

Griffin said he’s not afraid of this dangerous undertaking.

“A lot of people are like, you’re crazy, what are you doing? And some of my family members, they break down about it, and they’re like, listen, I don’t wanna lose my dad, I don’t wanna lose my grandpa, I wasn’t gonna be swayed,” he told Eyewitness News.

Griffin embarks on his mission with a goal and a message.

“I just want to do good by these people and show them that everyone cares about them: the United States, Swoyersville, and Luzerne County, and that there’s people that will travel across the world to help you,” Griffin added.

Griffin committed to staying in Ukraine for at least one month. He is bearing much of the cost but needs help covering the rest.

He’s about halfway to his five-thousand-dollar fundraising goal.

To help support Daniel Griffin’s efforts to help Ukraine, go to his GoFundMe website.