A Little Love: Zeke


BLOOMSBURG, COLUMBIA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)- We’re introducing you to a young man who is quite the problem solver.

And that’s a good thing because Eyewitness News Morning Anchor Chris Langlois and him needed all the help they could get to set themselves free from an escape room in Columbia County. They put their brains to the test in December’s “A Little Love.”

His love of solving puzzles, riddles, and math problems is why we needed Zeke, 16, to lead our team through Can You Xcape in Bloomsburg.

“I love doing Sudoku,” he said. “I’m one of the people that could actually f finish a whole Sudoku book.”

Chris joined Zeke in the Tornado Room, along with case worker Amara Hunter.

“He’s very smart and intelligent,” said Hunter. “He’s just a fun guy to be around.”

So here’s the scenario: A “tornado” has just destroyed the room, scattering everything needed to come up with a four digit pin before another tornado destroys the room in 60 minutes.

The timer is started and Zeke gets to work. His creative mind quickly kicks into gear.

He says he’d actually like to write a book someday and have a career in writing.

“I like writing, I like reading,” he said. “I like to know stuff and do a bunch of stuff that I can, but most other people really can’t.”

Whether discovering hidden keys or leading through secret passageways, Zeke shows how to work as a team. But it hasn’t always been easy for him.

“I’ve always been an only child and it was kind of hard,” he said.

But now, a family with a mom, dad, and siblings his age could be his new team.

“They might be able to help me build up my self image,” said Zeke. “So that way if I need help or support with something, they’ll be able to come over and help.”

After brain storming and helping each other out, Chris and Zeke piece together the four digit code. In just 28 minutes Zeke helped lead the two to victory in this challenge. Just imagine what he can show a forever family over a lifetime.

For more information on Zeke and the statewide adoption network, including post-permanency services, call 1-800-585-7926.

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