PENNSYLVANIA, Pa. (WHTM) — Pennsylvania is full of all different kinds of roads. Highways, turnpikes, back roads. If you can name it, Pennsylvania probably has it. But, with all these roads, which ones are the most dangerous?

Below is a list of 5 of the most dangerous highways in the Keystone State.

Interstate 78

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), this highway is known for its high volume of tractor-trailer traffic. Because of this accidents occur quite often on this stretch of road, especially when the road comes into the Lehigh Valley. Many construction zones as well as regular vehicle accidents also play a role when it comes to this highway being among the most dangerous in the state.

Interstate 83

This road, which is an 85-mile stretch between Harrisburg and Baltimore is located in rural areas of Pennsylvania with the exception of the major cities of Harrisburg and York. In the Midstate, the highway seems to always be under construction as well as being highly congested, due in part to the major cities. The worst part of Interstate 83 is near the Harrisburg Mall.

Interstate 80

This highway is the longest stretch of highway in the state and runs east to west. The NHSTA says that this highway is one of the state’s most neglected, with potholes and crumbling roadways throughout the stretch in Pennsylvania. Weather also plays a factor in making this highway dangerous, such as fog and sometimes harsh winters. Because of the mountains, visibility also can be an issue when traveling along this highway.

Interstate 81

The stretch of highway stretches vertically along the entire state and can carry up to 70,000 drivers per day in Cumberland County alone! This highway is notorious for tractor-trailer accidents and was the road that was the location of a massive pile-up that happened in Schuylkill County back in 2022.

Interstate 95

The longest highway on the east coast is also one of the most dangerous, not only in Pennsylvania but also in the entire country. This road had 379 deaths in 2020. This highway runs 44 miles in the state and a 12-mile stretch in Philidelphia and is one of the most heavily traveled.

According to the NHSTA, the section between Levittown and Lincoln Financial Field saw 15 fatal crashes in 2016. The point of the highway where Interstate 76 interchanges with Interstate 95 has been called a congestive nightmare.