Four people arrested after toddler dies from fentanyl

NESQUEHONING, CARBON COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) – We are learning more about a 3-year-old’s death in Carbon County.

The toddler died back in February, but the cause of death was released today and it’s shocking.

From looking at the apartment building on Allen Street in Nesquehoning, you can tell children live there.

Dawn Bradley, a neighbor who lives nearby, says she sees kids all the time.

“The children that are over there are constantly unsupervised. They are constantly screaming. We have no idea what goes on over there.”

A three year old boy who lived in the apartment building died on February 11th.

State police revealed the cause of death was fentanyl.

Bradley has lived there for the last year, but says she was unaware of the child’s death.

“Shame on the parents. Shame on them. I mean they have no right to have anything like that around children. People need to watch out for children. They need to be protected.”

Four people were arrested in march for the toddler’s death. His parents, Britney Burke and Gage Duch, along with Rebecca Walck and Anthony Pudvah.

Documents note that Duch first lied about drug usage in the apartment, and even cleaned the scene, disposing of drugs before police arrived.

“They should all be locked up. Every single one of them. Whoever brought in the fentanyl. All of them. Take them all down,” Bradley says.

Court documents say it’s unkown how the little boy ingested the fentanyl.

The four who were arrested face several charges including involuntary manslaughter.