EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – An armed group entered the notorious CERESO prison in Juarez on Sunday, Jan. 1, and sparked a riot and deadly prison escape, according to our news partners in Juarez. 

Unofficial totals stand at 24 inmates escaping with 10 guards and four inmates being killed.

During a news conference, Juarez Mayor Cruz Perez Cuellar said that municipal police had a shootout with some suspects in the prison escape several miles away from Cereso and three suspects were killed and five people were arrested.

After seven hours, Juarez police and members of the Mexican army were able to contain the riot inside the prison.

According to Juarez police, inmates who escaped reportedly committed several carjackings and stole vehicles that they used in their escape.

Juarez police also reported that several shootings took place around Juarez at the same time as the riot and escape from the prison. Police say those incidents served as distractions.

In August, a riot inside the same state prison spread to the streets of Juarez in violence that left 11 people dead.