DUNMORE. LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)- No more 24-hour news channels. That’s the new policy at an area YMCA after the organization’s leaders say political discourse has turned threatening.

In a letter to its gym members, the Greater Scranton YMCA says the board of directors decided to block 24-hour news channels.

The letter continues to say “it has raised concerns about the safety, both physically and emotionally, of our members.”

It says the topic may be revisited once things “calm down,” but for now the ban continues. Eyewitness News spoke with some gym members.

“I understand why they did it because there was a lot of controversy with a lot of people talking and arguing,” says YMCA member Susan Dimmick. “There was a lot of arguing going on, but I don’t think it was right.”

“I think it is probably an overreaction,” says YMCA member David Dimmick. “There was a lot of arguing going on during the election, protesting, that type of thing. But I think it’s all gone now.”

The letter is posted in the YMCA lobby for members to see. Eyewitness News reached out to the YMCA for comment but have not heard back yet.