CLEVELAND, OHIO (WBRE/WYOU) The second day of the convention had a later start today… it began 5:30 PM on Tuesday. The trump campaign has been working all day to manage the fallout from Melania Trump’s speech last night. she is being accused of copying part of Michelle Obama’s speech from a campaign 8 years ago.

Donald Trump has relied on social media to get the message of his campaign across to delegates and voters.

he has been mum on the controversy – other than tweeting last night, “very proud of my wife’s speech.” and some of his delegates have been utilizing social media to get their campaign message as well.

We caught up with Andrew Shecktor – a delegate from district 11. He says he was able to use social media to rise from an unknown candidate to the delegate.

He used social media to reach out to voters and even created a website called “Vote-PA”. com  to inform Pennsylvanian voters about how the presidential delegate and electoral process works.

He says – he received nearly 11 million unique views in just a few months.

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