LA PLUME, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) More than a century after Albert Einstein predicted black holes, there’s now proof. 

Wednesday morning telescopes around the world captured one in the M87 galaxy far-far away. The picture has gone viral in what scientists are calling, ground breaking results. 

Scientists have known about ‘black holes’ in galaxies since the first was discovered in 1971. 

Thomas Cupillari is a former astronomy professor of 50 years at Keystone College. Cupillari tells Eyewitness News ‘black holes’ are found in galaxies throughout the universe. The hole’s gravitational pull sucks in space particles. The hole is 55 million light years away from the earth and it’s 6.5 billion times bigger than our sun.

“You know you’ve discovered years ago and now you are validating it with an image,” said Cupillari. 

To learn more about the ‘black hole’ from NASA, click here. 

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