EXETER, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Be kind and help others. That’s the message over 100 students from Wyoming Area Catholic School are sharing as they’ve raised hundreds of dollars for charity over the last month.

ARK is all about acts of random kindness. The ARK Charity Project focuses on being kind to others. It started by giving students small ARK coin boxes to collect and save donations.

“Well, you put coins in it, and it’s acts of random kindness, so every time you do something kind, you put a coin in the ARK,” explained Martha Goffredo of Wyoming Area Catholic School.

Their acts of kindness could be anything or happen anywhere, in their community, at school, or even at home.

“Help pick up trash and stuff, or clean up in your house and help your mom with chores and stuff,” listed Grace Kelly of Wyoming Area Catholic School.

The money they raised was donated to the Commission on Economic Opportunity to help local area food banks combat hunger.

“Its definitely something the whole school participates in. So, like, little kids, older kids, we all do it together,” added Goffredo.

But even with this phase coming to an end, the students say their kindness mission and collections will continue.

“Through, like, summer, you could still add stuff in the bank just for fun,” suggested Kelly.

Goffredo won the essay contest with the program. She wrote about kindness and how meaningful charity can be.

“My essay was about being kind to people and ways you could be kind to people, how you show that to others,” Goffredo continued.

The group’s final total for the project was $1,389.00.

“To get the entire school together to do something is kind of hard sometimes,” stated Kelly.

“It’s nice that it’s based around being kind to others. It just makes life better,” Goffredo continued.

Taking kindness and giving to the next level.

“Our school definitely teaches us to be kind to everyone and to always be our best self,” described Goffredo.

Here’s to you, kids!

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