WILLIAMSPORT, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — This week’s Here’s to you Kid goes to a high school student who is top of his class in his studies and ready to take on the world.

Sam Radulski is a senior student at Williamsport Area High School who has accomplished a lot before graduating high school.

“Recently I was awarded the Renice Metal award which is a scholarship of $160,000, and I’ve also been a commended student for the national merit scholarship program,” said Sam.

Sam is one of 34,000 commended students throughout the nation being recognized for their exceptional academic promise. Although it seems like a lot of pressure at times for a student, he says it’s nothing he can’t handle.

“It definitely puts a lot of pressure on my shoulders, but I feel like people have high expectations of me but I definitely have high expectations for myself too. I feel like I have a good future ahead of me that I can definitely take a hold of,” stated Sam.

The head of the Williamsport Area High School science department says Sam is an exceptional student.

“Sam really represents the best of what Williamsport Area High School has to offer, he’s incredibly well rounded. He works incredibly hard. I believe by 10th grade he exhausted all are math classes so that was part of the reason he was nominated because this works not only since but science and math,” described Andrew Paulhamus, a teacher and science department chair at Williamsport Area High School.

“I think every teacher that I’ve had has helped me get to where I am today. All my math teachers throughout the years all my science teachers, English, music. They’ve just all been great,” stated Sam.

Sam is involved in so much and outside of his academic achievements he also enjoys arts, music, and sports.

“I play goalkeeper for soccer it’s definitely some highs and some lows, so I feel like when I get to have fun and play with my friends especially causally or when we’re having a great game great practice session that’s really the key moments that I value a lot,” explained Sam.

Sam says after high school he wants to go to college to study engineering and looks forward to taking on new adventures.

Here’s to you Sam!

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