WILKES-BARRE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Many people view living on the autism spectrum as a disability, but Bianca Buchanan of Wilkes-Barre is not one of them.

She’s living out her dreams and they are coming to life in animation.

“I really want to be a voice actor because I’ve always wanted to do that since I was younger,” Bianca said.

Bianca has autism and visual impairment, but that hasn’t stopped her creativity.

“There’s this web series that I did in high school called Chicago The Lion. That was my very first series project of like a show,” Bianca explained.

She was encouraged to enroll in the AV class at the Wilkes Barre Area Career and Technical Center to learn more.

“Ever since then I got to know what the behind-the-scenes of a show is like. I learned how to edit and animate and draw and write stories,” said Bianca.

From there she decided to create her own show.

“It was in July of 2022 and I was sketching out ideas of like hey I want to get a job making a kids’ show. I just eventually drew circles and came up with the character of Piyo the Hamster,” Bianca continued.

The new show involved many friends of hers from different parts of the country.

“The show was done by all autistic people. Including all the voice actors and my fiance who I love very much,” Bianca noted.

While Piyo is not a full-blown show, she hopes to grow it and expand on her ideas as she works to become a voice actor.

Living with autism and visual impairment hasn’t slowed Bianca down, and she hopes that others will be inspired to pursue their passions too.

“All I can say is like try to do what you love and put your mind to it. Just try try try and just get it out there saying I’m gonna do it. That’s exactly how I got to where I am today,” Bianca said.

Here’s to you, Bianca!

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