HARVEYS LAKE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — 10-year-old Avemaria Lesh has made her hobby something more than making a little money.

Her ambitions to start her own small business, turned into a labor of love and a mission that took her and her mom halfway around the globe.

Most 10-year-olds are not busy thinking about running a business or getting involved in a humanitarian effort for people across the globe, but that isn’t the case for Avemaria Lesh.

She is on a mission, which has become a labor of love and hope for her and her mom, raising money and collecting donations for people in Ukraine.

Eyewitness News caught up with her and her mom before they left for Krakow, Poland.

“We’ve been planning it since like a month ago maybe and I’m really excited about it,” Lesh continued. “We’ve been selling bracelets and my mom has been working on a Gofundme that’s going to go live as soon as we land the plane in Krakow. And we’ve been making custom orders and Ukraine orders and all that.”

This all started a few months ago with a lemonade stand where Avemaria also sold crafts. It quickly turned into a much larger project.

“I just wanted to sell bracelets as something fun, and then my mom, she found out this mom and her daughter were going there and she wanted to do it as well, so we started selling the bracelets to go to that fundraiser,” Lesh said.

The money they made by selling bracelets went towards helping their efforts in Ukraine.

Avemarie refers to the project as “Wandering Goose,” a nickname her mom gave her when she was a little girl.

Lesh’s mom, Deanna Giannelli, says “Wandering Goose” is Ava herself, and all their travels, projects, loves, and musings.

“We’re going with a little bit of donation money to start off with so we can hit the ground running as soon as we get there. And then there will be a Gofundme like I said so that people can donate while we are there,” Giannelli stated.

Avemaria and Deanna traveled to Poland in July, and they shared pictures with Battle and Eyewitness News.

They said while they were in Krakow they were very busy.

The mother and daughter duo visited local shelters to drop off supplies and donations and offered their support and help to people.

They helped polish language school, JCC Krakow, and a shelter currently housing 40 refugee families.

“While we’re there we’ll be shopping for more supplies and more stuff that they need while we’re in Krakow,” Lesh elaborated.

“A lot of people it seems like they want to help, but they just don’t know who to send it to or what it’s going to be used for,” Giannelli said.

During their trip, they helped a polish language school, JCC Krakow, and a shelter currently housing 40 refugee families.

They hope this trip will inspire others to help those in Ukraine.

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