ARCHIBALD, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — This week’s Here’s to You Kid features a high school student in Archbald who is doing something sweet for a friend, and he is creating some amazing cakes in the process.

A senior at Valley View High School in Archbald, Lackawanna County, had a sweet treat for a classmate after noticing she was down due to some financial struggles at home all while battling Leukemia.

“I saw firsthand how her family was struggling, and I see that before she went through with her surgeries and her chemo. I witnessed that she was a little more down in school, and I knew that hardships were going on in the family, so I wanted to do as much as I could to help, and the best I could do is help with money. I could help raise money through baking, and I have a passion for baking,” explained Chaz Kaszuba, a senior at Valley View High School.

Chaz says it was during the COVID lockdown that he learned to bake. He was encouraged by his mom to learn something new with all the time he had on his hands.

“I kept baking, kept baking and I made cakes for my neighbors, and it just really took off from there. So, something that could be the darkest time in your life I turned it into something that created a bright future for me ahead and for many others,” recalled Chaz.

Since starting the bake sale it’s blossomed into something much bigger, helping even more people.

“We raised funds for her and her family and she was going through chemo at the time, so all the funds went toward help to support the cause of that. As of today, I am a member of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and we raise money for all patients in the area struggling with blood cancers,” said Chaz.

Stephanie Decker, Chaz’s Spanish teacher, says she is not surprised about Chaz’s baking skills and willingness to help a friend.

“I was not surprised because Chaz is very skilled in raising money and baking, so it just seemed to go hand and hand. Incredibly, he’s able to be doing things like this at his age, but I’m not surprised at all,” stated Decker.

Chaz bakes all kinds of amazing cakes. When asked about the most challenging confections to create? Chaz replied “Most challenging? I’ve done a few wedding cakes. So, they by far are just the structure of them, making sure they don’t fall apart. You don’t want that, especially for an important day like that your wedding, you have to make sure everything’s perfect. It was a three-tier cake.”

Chaz has been accepted to Bloomsburg University where he plans on studying business and continuing to help the community.

Here’s to you, Chaz!

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