WILLIAMSPORT, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A pair of youth leaders are working together to represent their peers’ voices at school board meetings.

It’s the first time in years, their high school has appointed students to this position and the two say their goal is to improve student life.

Williamsport Area High School Seniors Sydney Crews and Michael Harry were selected by the principal as this year’s school board student representatives.

“It’s unexplainable really to have that opportunity. I was really happy,” said Michael Harry, a school board representative.

It’s the first time the school welcomed back the program in a few years. The pair will act as the voice of their peers at the district’s school board meetings.

“Reaching out to those little niches in the high school, making sure that all the voices are heard. You know just seeing what student life is like up here at the high school, said Sydney Crews, a school board representative.

Crews and Harry are using social media to connect with students to help better understand their concerns.

“I got like a bunch of responses from friends that I had and people who were like on the soccer team or cross country and they just sent me stuff. It makes our job easier to know that our school wants to be just as involved as we are,” said Harry.

“We’re really trying to make sure every person is represented within this high school. What’s their clubs, their likes, their dislikes, their activities they’re in,” Crews added

They took that information and created a presentation for the first school board meeting in September. Their goal is to promote positive change and exercise leadership skills.

“This opportunity is really helping me speaking, public speaking, and really reaching out to adults because they’re just as curious as we are,” explained Crews.

It’s the first time their high school has two student reps of color. The pair says they’re honored and hope their experience influences other minorities to strive for the best.

“We can do this, we have the power to do this and to change the world,” Harry continued.

We’re not seen as much in teachers, high-ranking officials, and I would really like that to be seen throughout the district and the school, and the county,” Crews explained.

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