PLYMOUTH, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Exotic birds require a lot of attention. Without it, many are returned or live in unhealthy conditions.

This weeks Here’s To You Kid!, features one young girl who has started a rescue operation to care for these unique birds.

Evlyn Lyons is known around Luzerne County as ‘The Bird Whisperer.’

“Ever since she was a baby, it’s just all animals, but the bird thing kind of got started when she was young and it just led up to where we are now,” said Linda Uren, Evlyn’s mom.

She got her nickname at a young age after showing her talent for calming unpredictable birds.

When Evlyn was six years old she witnessed something that would put her on a path to becoming, ‘The Bird Whisperer.’

“When I was at Petco I saw a kid banging on the glass on the parakeet cage. I told him to stop and I ended up adopting them,” Lyons said.

Her first adopted birds were only the first step in her love of birds journey.

“So I spoke with a friend of mine who runs a larger rescue in our area. I asked her about maybe helping her foster some of her birds if she needed help. So immediately she was like yeah we’ll see how it goes,” Uren explained.

Now Evlyn and her family run a bird rescue housing sometimes over 50 birds at a time.

“You at least need three weeks or 30 days to stay to make sure they don’t have anything wrong with them. Then we send them out to new homes.” Lyons added.

Evlyn is very careful about who can adopt the birds, ensuring that the birds will find new homes with those who deserve them.

“We see if they bond to the person, and then we send them out if they do,” Lyons continued.

What started with a couple of parakeets, has turned into a massive rescue operation that keeps the family busy.

“Evlyn homed probably over 200 birds in the last four or five years. We started from little finch, all the way up to large macaws and cockatoos. Everything in between,” Uren continued.

This 10-year-old already has some big bird plans to expand with a bird’s eye view in the future for sanctuary for her feathered friends.

“Own a giant place. Let people walk in and explore the birds and handle them,” said Lyons.

Here’s to you Evlyn!

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