HARVEYS LAKE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A local Eagle Scout is concerned about the health of our local waterways. So, he’s doing something about it. The Wyoming Seminary student is helping to fight invasive species that harm local aquatic biodiversity.

John Redington may just be 15 years old, but he’s already working on his Eagle Scout badge as a member of Troop 281 in Dallas. His scoutmaster came to him with a project that he couldn’t pass up.

“He wanted me to create these two ais boxes which are raised garden boxes to hold this invasive species called hydrilla. So when they clean off their boats they can put it there so they don’t put it back in the lake,” Redington said.

John has spent a lot of time around Harveys Lake since he was a child, and for his Eagle Scout project, this seemed like a perfect fit.

“I’ve just always been to the lake, ever since I was like three or four. It’s just that I always loved the lake, so when I heard about hydrilla in school I thought that really stinks. It’s messing up the lake, so I might as well take care of it,” Redington said.

Hydrilla is an invasive species in our area and has been a growing problem for the state in recent years.

“I know it grows really fast and it’s not really good for the lake and it kills a lot of the native plants. It doesn’t give a lot of room for the native plants to grow,” Redington added.

Assembling the boxes only took a few hours, but he spent months planning.

“I would say including brainstorming building getting supplies and such, it took around four or five months I’d say,” Redintong continued.

As an Eagle Scout project, it was a group effort with his community.

“I had help from a local carpenter named Bob Pilger who’s part of my troop. He helped me build the boxes. We got supplies donated from Bear Stone and Luzerne Lumber,” Redington stated.

The hope is that this will help to combat the spread of this harmful species and keep the lake enjoyable for years to come.

“We put one near where the main areas where you clean off your boat. All you gotta do is clean off the boat and throw it in. Then there’s a cleaning crew that comes around and they’ll take care of everything else,” Redington said.

While he doesn’t plan to make more boxes, he will be maintaining them and looking for other ways to help preserve the lake

“I’m gonna do the best I can to keep helping the lake. I’m definitely going to come back to help take care of the boxes. Installing I don’t know, maybe that’s an eagle project for another scout. But I definitely want to help take care of the boxes and make sure they stay here for a while,” said Redington.

Here’s to you John!

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