CARBONDALE, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A Carbondale Area Junior-Senior High School Student is a very busy lady with plans to become an attorney, and until she attends college she is involved in many activities.

Seventeen-year-old Megan Cosklo has been an avid competitor of many types, during her entire life.

She’s been participating in the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science Competition for a few years now.

“Each year we come up with projects on our own and then we go down to Wilkes University and present those. I have got first place awards and also made it to Penn State University to participate there,” said Cosklo

Her projects were on gender affecting cell phone choice, and the “Placebo Effect.”

She’s even the Region Vice President of the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA).

“We go to Hershey, Pennsylvania where we compete at the state level. Then if we make it there we go to the national level. So I’ve made it to nationals twice. For insurance and risk management, and then Introduction to Business Communications,” Cosklo stated.

She also does mock trials at school, giving her experience in one of her hopeful future professions.

“I just love how we get to dress up and I feel like I have power and stuff you know. I like that, being on your own thing and getting to do it yourself,” Cosklo continued.

On top of all of this, she is also very involved with sports at school. She’s captain of the golf and track teams and she isn’t slowing down, she’s speeding up.

“It’s a lot, it is a lot. Because all of my AP classes are this year too. Carbondale does AP classes, so I only have one study hall every other day, and then all AP classes, and sports after school. I try to do this whenever I’m available because I love to fly,” Cosklo explained.

Her passion for flying goes back to one thing.

“My family. My dad is a pilot, my uncle is a pilot, my cousins are pilots. I just grew up around it and then I became very interested with it,” Cosklo said.

Her enthusiasm for staying busy puts her out in the community often.

“I’m doing the food pantry tomorrow helping with that for the FBLA and just a lot of stuff like that helping out in the community,” stated Cosklo.

Her aims for the future are bright and high in the sky.

“I am thinking about attending Marywood University actually. They have an aviation program on professional flight. So I would like to double major there. Aviation and political science and then I hope to become an airline pilot,” Cosklo explained.

Here’s to you Megan.

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