MINERSVILLE, SCHUYLKILL COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A local teen has been volunteering for all kinds of projects from raising money for Ukraine to cleaning up his community, and now he’s hoping his peers join in.

Serving the community is something Connor Czarick has been doing for many years.

“Being in the boy scouts, I noticed I really liked the community events that we did. Whether it be a trash cleanup. We’ve done a lot of food drives,” stated Czarick.

From the boy scouts, his passion for community projects grew into a hunger for more.

“I just really enjoyed getting out there and helping and cleaning. It felt good. Then when I joined the grange I realized I could do even more on a different level,” explained Czarick.

He joined his local chapter Jefferson grange in 2020 and it didn’t take him long to get involved.

“I didn’t know what id be getting into at the time. I barely even knew what the organization was about,” said Czarick.

Helping to organize several events and even becoming a delegate for the state session.

“I joined the committee on solar and renewable energy sources. Which is something I’m very passionate about, helping the environment in any way that I can,” stated Czarick.

Some of his efforts went way beyond Pennsylvania including fundraiser cookies for Ukraine.

“It was a sunflower, which is Ukraine’s national flower. We sold them for five dollars each. Of course, the money went to pay for the cookies, and the rest to a food organization that gave food to families that were in need in Ukraine,” explained Czarick

The project raised about $5,000 for Ukraine. He also helped organize an adult prom night for the community..-for fun and awareness

“Adults could come and drink and dance. That was for suicide awareness and prevention. I think we made eleven hundred dollars for suicide prevention that day,” said Czarick.

He encourages other kids to get involved in their communities. Noting it doesn’t need to be a big event or sweeping gesture to make a difference.

“Going out and making sure your own community is clean. Someone doesn’t have to see it for it to feel good to clean up your community,” Czarick explained.

Here’s to you Connor!

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