TUNKHANNOCK, WYOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Music has a lot of power. It can bring people together, it can lift spirits, and even help your health. Some local students got the chance to create their own musical memories with a camp that gave them the tools of a professional.

“Trying to find something to eat, man I really love this breeze. Get a sip of lemonade and im feeling really great,” said Jusaun Smalling, of Wilkes-Barre.

Around 40 students from across Northeast PA got hands-on experience with the music industry at a two-day camp in Tunkhannock.

“So that means the students write their own lyrics and come up with their own topics. We record the song, and then the second part is today. We do a music video where they get to utilize their creativeness and be able to just record a music video to the song they made,” stated Tyron Williams, a Music Educator with ‘Say It With Music.’

The students chose a topic that was appropriate after a pretty hot week.

“It’s about the summertime and chilling with friends, just vibing out really,” added Izaiah Chavez of Scranton.

Music means a lot to these students. This camp made the project and experience fun and meaningful for and those involved.

“I do love music a lot because it like gets me through things if I’m feeling down or if I’m happy it brings up the mood,” said Stephany Minyetty of Hazleton.

‘Say it With Music’ showed the students how to not only create a song but how the design process works from start to finish, as well.

“So we travel to different youth camps throughout the summertime and we not only record music but also games and have fun. We just show them the impact of how music impacts our lives every day, ” explained Williams.

And it wasn’t just about the music for some.

“So I love dancing, so I need music. So without music, I wouldn’t be able to dance. I think music is one of the biggest parts for dance because without music you can’t dance,” explained Jesus Rivera of Hazleton.

Organizers were more than happy with the turnout. Educational Opportunity Centers of PA help to connect students from underrepresented populations with hands-on experience to encourage music as a career.

“I don’t even have words for it, these kids have been amazing. Just to watch them make new friendships, it’s just been enlightening,” said Tammy Marcinkevich, Academic Specialist for Educational Opportunity Center.

The two-day camp did not miss a beat in music, inspiration, and fun!

“It’s fun to have new experiences and meet new people and friends. I came with my friends so were experiencing it together,” Minyetty added.

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