BRIAR CREEK TOWNSHIP, COLUMBIA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — In this weeks Here’s to You Kid’ we introduce you to a young man who has nerves of steel.

He’s a dirt bike rider and while some kids are out on their pedal bikes Julian Labenski is hitting the throttle on the dirt track competing.

Nine-year-old Julian Labenski from Dorrance Township is heck on wheels. He is quite the accomplished dirt bike rider.

He has been riding since he was about three years old.

We caught up with him at a practice at the Evansville motocross track in briar creek township in Columbia County. This love of speed and the dirt track comes from his dad, Kevin.

“I think when I was a kid I did a lot of ball sports, baseball, basketball, football but when I turned 10 I got a dirt bike- I really didn’t care about ball sports anymore I just want to ride my dirt bike,” said Kevin Labenski.

“I figured with Julian at a young age I would go back and put him on a dirt bike first and see where it went from there,” explained Kevin.

Julian was hooked.

From there Julian’s love of dirt bike riding took off. He talked track with our photojournalist Joey Dominick about what type of courses he likes and why.

“Some tracks are sandy and very fun and jumps are very small, there is one track in Winchester that is my favorite track because the soil is very nice and the jump is small and you can scrub them,” said Julian Labenski.

Whip and scrub – that’s a popular term on the dirt bike circuit

Julian has several wins at the sleepy hollow MX track in Berks County and has competed in Virginia Beach, Raliegh, North Carolina, and Florida.

Julian has his goal set – a big race

“In I want to make it to Loretta it is like where all the best guys race,” said Julian.

He’s talking about the world’s largest amateur motocross race at Loretta Lynn Ranch in Tennessee. Julian trains and races all year and is looking to compete in the mini o’s held in a number of locations.

He summed up his love of extreme sports and dirt bike racing in just a few words…

“I like to hit big jumps. Sometimes me I feel like I am superman” expressed Julian.

Here’s to you Julian!