SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Nerves are a normal feeling when performing in front of a crowd, but one 7-year-old from NEPA made singing the National Anthem look like a piece of cake at the Little League World Series.

7-year-old Mia Bixler belts out the perfect tune of the Star-Spangled Banner. It’s a song she says she loves to sing.

“It’s a beautiful song and I can show my voice to other people so they know what I can sound like,” said Mia.

Singing comes naturally to her and her skillful pipes prove it. It’s the talent that brought her all the way to South Williamsport to perform the National Anthem in front of thousands at the Little League World Series.

Her mom Mandy says Mia had no fear going into it.

“We did ask if she was nervous initially and she said, ‘No, I feel great.’ she felt rehearsed and when we went out onto the field, I had great difficulty keeping my camera still as I was videotaping cause I felt like my heart was pounding and making the video shake,” Mandy.

Mia is part of the group Spotlight Kids, which landed her the opportunity and gave her experience singing at other large performances like a Phillies game.

“I’ll sing anything,” stated Mia.

It’s the confidence and contagious smile that pours through her performance.

“It definitely makes me emotional that she has such a love of the national anthem and of our country and she just loves to perform in front of everybody so the fact that it brings her joy and I think it brings joy to other people, makes my heart happy,” described Mandy.

Mia says she hopes her singing at such a large venue will encourage other kids to try out singing.

“When they grow up and maybe they’re my friends or something, and they look back at me and they’re like, ‘You did such a good job!’ and I say, ‘Oh you’re better than me now,'” said Mia.

Here’s to you, Mia!

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