JESSUP, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — In this week’s Here’s To You Kid report, we have a dynamic duo: Two youngsters from La Salle Academy in Jessup who have a passion for volunteering and helping in their community.

“Being good for goodness sake” It’s a saying we have all heard, but two boys at La Salle Academy are living by that saying every day.

The boys have been doing volunteer work all summer. Now that school is back in session, they don’t plan on letting that slow them down. The boys volunteer at the Bread Basket of Northeastern Pennsylvania Food Pantry Distribution.

“My family, they helped me show what it could do for your community and you just, when you volunteer, you know that you’re making your community and your area a better place,” stated La Salle Academy 7th grader Michael Peregrim.

Service work is nothing new to Michael, he says it runs in his family.

“For me, it’s wonderful. Our family has always volunteered so his grandparents are very involved in their respective churches, and he’s been taken to many opportunities whether he remembers them all or not,” said Nicole Peregrim, Michael’s mother.

In a time when most kids just want to play video games and be on their phones, Ryan Baigis says what motivates him to help others comes from a higher power.

“I just wanted to help the people in need. I just feel that god, he made us all, and none of us are perfect so we can’t have everything, so I just want to help the people in need,” explained Ryan, a 7th grader at La Salle Academy.

Ryan’s mom says it’s a blessing to see God’s work done through her son.

“We’re obviously very proud of Ryan and Michael. We feel very blessed god has always answered our prayers through others so to see Ryan maybe answering other people’s prayers, especially at such a young age is such a blessing to us,” described Sheri Baigis, Ryan’s mother.

Across the street from La Salle Academy is the Queen of Angels Parish in Jessup. That is where the Bread Basket of Northeastern Pennsylvania Food Pantry Distribution is located. Every Wednesday after school the boys journey there to lend a helping hand.

“We have so many patriots coming in right now and many of them are not really capable of carrying heavy bags of food, so the boys have been so gracious in just helping them out with their bags and helping us pack the bags,” said Elaine Severs, manager of Bread Basket of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Although it means a lot to the managers at the Bread Basket, it means even more to the boys.

“It means a lot because I feel when I help them that they go home, their day is made and that makes my day made that knowing I helped someone,” stated Ryan.

“The general feeling of knowing your community is a better place for everyone and when you know you made someone’s day it makes your day,” described Michael.

When the boys are not volunteering, Michael enjoys spending time with his two golden retrievers, and Ryan loves playing basketball.

Here’s to you kids!

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