CARBONDALE, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — The United Neighborhood Centers of Northeastern Pennsylvania has a new community feature open to the public thanks to Joshua Berg, this week’s Here’s To You, Kid!

The Fallbrook Book House was designed and created by Joshua Berg as part of his Eagle Scout Project.

“Just saw somebody build one of the little ones, and thought we could build a bigger one and have a lot more books in it. Help a lot more people that way,” explained Berg.

The book house functions as a library, where members of the community can lend and borrow books as they need them.

“So I wanted to inspire people to read more, and just learn more about books and reading,” stated Berg.

Joshua Berg is an inspiration for more than his project. He was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia, but he has never let that stop him from reading.

“In practice and teachers and help from everybody has gotten me to where I am now,” Berg added.

The project took around four months to complete.

“This was just flat ground, and we built it in my uncle’s backyard and then brought it down here. It was definitely a project to have because it was all put together and then we took it right back apart and brought it down here,” described Berg.

There are already hundreds of books for people to use in the bookhouse.

“Family-friends, people, donations from people in the community, and friends. A lot of people when you say, ‘Oh you need books? Here you go,” explained Berg.

Joshua hopes the project will be enjoyed by the community in the same way he enjoyed creating it.

“The time that I spent building it was very enjoyable because it was me my uncle, my troop, my dad. And, like, we all got to spend quality time together on weekends and just build it,” said Berg.

Overcoming adversity in his own life has given Joshua wisdom to share with others.

“If you need help go talk to someone that’s trained and knows what they’re doing with it. Definitely go to your teachers, get help because they’re the ones that are trained and know what they’re doing, and they definitely helped me,” advised Berg.

The Fallbrook Book House is open Monday through Friday if you have books to donate or to check out.

Here’s to you, Joshua!

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