BRODHEADSVILLE, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Earning a Gold Award in the Girl Scouts is the highest honor a scout can achieve. One girl scout from Saylorsburg wanted to help her fellow students turn the page on COVID and mental health.

Emilee Roberti of Saylorsburg is a long-time girl scout who has recently taken up painting as a hobby and is very passionate about her art.

The school librarian, Sandra Reilly, saw this passion and wanted to help her grow.

“Painting for me was a good way for me to get my mental health better. Mrs. Reilly knew that. So it was very nice for her to be like come here in your free time and debrief,” Roberti said.

As a girl scout, she was searching for a Gold Award Project. She had a few ideas, but one of them stuck out.

“Mrs. Reilly came to me about sophomore year, because I got really into painting. She was like you should definitely paint something in here. So I painted a bookshelf with titles of some of the most popular literature,” Roberti added.

Her project bound together several of her passions, making it an easy decision.

“It also has florals on it and it’s really pretty. So it shows the inner beauty of the library, that there’s not just books. There’s a lot more to come into the library for,” Roberti explained.

One of her favorite parts of the project was including a scannable QR code with the mural. The code would direct students to online mental health resources.

“It was also a discreet way for students to get mental health help who weren’t necessarily okay with going down to the guidance counselor. They were able to just sneakily scan the QR code and have the resources that they needed in the palm of their hand,” Roberti continued.

Emilee worked with their student group Aevidum to help implement her idea at the school.

“So mental health was something that I felt very strongly about, and was a huge advocate for in high school. Because I know since the pandemic it was a big thing that a lot of students struggled with,” Roberti stated.

After over 80 hours of work, she is happy with her latest work of art and overjoyed to know her work could help students for years to come.

“I just hope that it creates a welcoming experience for everyone that sets foot in the library. That it helps those that are struggling with mental health that don’t necessarily have access to, that they have access to it now,” said Roberti.

Here’s to you, Emilee!

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