PLYMOUTH TOWNSHIP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A Nanticoke Eagle Scout has found a project in Plymouth Township that will both serve the community and honor those connected to the military.

Gregory Bolesta has family ties to the military, which is why he wanted his Eagle Scout Project for Nanticoke Troop 418 to mean something special for Veterans and their families.

“I have a few grandparents that are veterans and still are. It kind of hits me in some places where I’d like to see people taking it easy. I know the pain of having to lose someone. It’s hard, so this would be an easy place to sit and take a minute and relax,” said Bolesta.

When he learned the Plymouth Township Municipal Building grounds and cannon area were in need of some refurbishments and enhancements, he got to work.

“$1,500 was fundraised, I think we only used about a thousand. Nothing too crazy,” stated Bolesta.

That money went toward the project in a variety of ways.

“Lumber that we needed, cleaning materials, gloves, glasses, and anything safety-wise. Rakes and even most of that stuff could be donated that day. If you have people from the troop, they bring it,” added Bolesta.

He spent a couple of months working on the project, but he has been planning this for several years.

“We cleaned up some of the rocks that were falling down. We cleaned up Plymouth Township signs. We put more wood borders so the rocks would stop falling down. We put in a whole bench from ‘The Bench Project.’ Yeah, we just beautified the whole area with some flowers and planters,” recalled Bolesta.

The Veteran’s Prayer Bench was added to give families and veterans a place to reflect. The QR code gives more information about the project.

“You can scan it with your camera and then it will pull up the basic story of, you know, it was my project, it was done this day. That’s another thing, there’s a little notebook there that you can write down, like ‘Oh, this is why I’m here,’ and so on,” explained Bolesta.

The notebook is in a waterproof bag for anyone to journal their thoughts, and the cannon and the bench are open to the public to enjoy.

I know I put a lot of hard work and time into it and a bunch of my other fellow scouts have put a hard time in as well. It’s just good to see that after you know you are meant to take on a leadership position and do this, that it came out so well,” Bolesta added.

Here’s to you, Gregory!

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