DRUMS, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A Drums teenager is spreading holiday cheer in more ways than one.

Mickenzie Mhuschak just wrapped up the third year of her ornament project. It not only is a keepsake, but the money collected goes to a local food bank.

“I kind of wanted to do it to give back, I guess, during COVID,” stated Mickenzie.

16-year-old Mickenzie Mhuschak makes the perfect Christmas gift.

Mickenzie started an ornament project two years ago. During its inaugural year in 2020, she took a clear glass ornament and stuffed toilet paper inside. It read “In case of emergency break glass,” poking fun at the memorable toilet paper shortage that year.

“You kind of look back and laugh at it. Last year everyone was buying stuff offline ’cause we were still kind of quarantined so you couldn’t go to stores yet, so amazon was always at your door every day,” recalled Mickenzie.

Each year’s ornament is based on the year’s hot topic. Last year, Amazon took center stage.

For 2022, record-high gasoline prices were a big issue. The ornament depicts an empty fuel gauge, with lyrics from the song “This Little Light of Mine.”

“And then this year with the gas tank with gas being so high priced that the little song kind of makes you laugh I guess,” said Mickenzie.

Over the years, Mickenzie and her mom sold the ornaments for $5 each and donated all of the money to local organizations.

“For me as proud as proud can be I am really appreciative of the fact that she is willing to do this for CEO and the Regional Food Bank as well the Weinburg Food Bank,” said Lynn Echkrote of Drums.

Each year, Mickenzie presents a check to CEO, the Commission on Economic Opportunity. This year was no different, with the help of her family, Mickenzie made and sold 100 ornaments and donated $500 to the non-profit just days before Christmas.

Look for next year’s ornament on Lynn Echkrote’s Facebook page, or call the CEO at (570) 826-0510 to get in touch with Mickenzie and her mom.

Here’s to you, Mickenzie.

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