TAMAQUA, SCHUYLKILL COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Several Schuylkill County students recently attended the Drum Major Camp at Kutztown University.

The camp gives personalized instruction to students to help them be better leaders in their bands and schools.

The Tamaqua Raider Band is a well-known and award-winning band that recently had four drum majors attend Drum Major Camp and returned home with more than just song and band show routines. They enhanced their conducting, marching, and leadership skills.

“At Kutztown, we went to a Leadership Camp and we learned how to better our bands through motivating them and through our conducting and marching,” stated Bradyn Brothers, Officer’s Assistant.

And leadership is essential when you’re dealing with this many instruments and band members.

“One band director trying to control 180 kids is not going to work. We four need a good balance to kind of help give that help and support that the director needs,” said Leah Turner, Head Drum Major.

Keeping everyone focused is going to be a priority for the quartet this fall.

“We learned a lot, how to just keep the energy up, with everyone. It can get tough keeping them going and them wanting to be here,” said Alexis Buchala, Second Head Drum Major.

While they are serious about guiding the band. They want everyone else to grow and enjoy themselves too.

“Learn to handle the difference between you can have fun, while also learning and leading and taking charge of things, so balance,” said Vincenzo Valentine, Second Officers Assistant.

All of them have high hopes for the future of the band.

“How can we better our sections? How can we take our band and bring it in as one? Make them more of a band, than just people in the band,” said Leah Turner, Head Drum Major.

“We’re all just a big family. Were all incorporated and there for each other if we need each other,” said Bradyn brothers, Officer’s Assistant.

The Tamaqua Raiders High School Band is under the Direction of Mark Beltz. The Tamaqua Raiders will be performing at high school football games and other events.

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