SUGARLOAF TOWNSHIP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Last week, Eyewitness News told you about Erica Schwear, who cleaned up and restored a historic cemetery. But her brother John has his own project. To reach the highest rank in the scouts he had to find something that would bring together all his skills and he found something rather unique.

John Schwear III has been in the Boy Scouts for many years, after earning over 20 patches he was looking for a unique project to reach the rank of Eagle.

“When I came here to look for a project, they originally wanted me to redo the front porch or do things here or there. But then when we were walking around, I saw this,” stated John Schwear III, of Sugarloaf Township.

An antique outhouse. One that had been left to rot and decay for many years.

“It was donated here in the 80s, then a tree knocked it over. It’s just been laying there for 20 years. It was donated to represent like what the kids and teachers. The conditions that they had to go to the bathroom back in the day,” John Schwear explained.

After lying on the ground for so long, the outhouse was in bad shape.

“The entire thing was mostly rotted. Only about 40 percent of this is still the original,” John added.

But he wanted to use materials as time appropriate as possible.

“We actually got time period wood off my friend’s barn that they were tearing down. It wasn’t too bad getting the wood, we met some bugs we never knew existed,” John continued.

John is pursuing a career in Construction Management.

“I just like building things. Part of what I want to do when I’m older is to build industrial. Even though this is not industrial, this is just part of that thing that interests me,” John commented.

This Eagle Project fits perfectly with his passion and future career.

“You learn to fundraise, ask for donations, coordinate time, have people help you, and manage people. Working with them and alongside them,” John stated.

John is proud of a job well done and hopes that others can learn some history from his work.

“With this being here if people want to come up and learn more about the history of an old church or an old schoolhouse or an old outhouse, they can come see what the conditions were like,” John said.

John attends MMI Prep School in Freeland. If you have a kid Eyewitness News should feature on our Here’s To You Kid, send us an email at the station, at