NEW COLUMBIA, COLUMBIA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — This week’s Here’s to You Kid goes to an 11-year-old girl whose love for rocks leads her to something unique.

Nadilee Mitch likes to give back to her community but not in the typical ways you might guess. She cleans headstones at local graveyards. She saw this as a way to give back while working with something she loves. So, she started cleaning family member’s headstones.

“She started out doing that and she really, really enjoyed it. She loved how it brightened them up and made them a lot more legible so she eventually was like well I want to do more than just her family so we would reach out to local families by just advertising on Facebook that she was interested in doing this service,” said Tia Mitch, Nadilee’s mom.

Nadilee is really into rocks and got this idea after seeing a TikTok video of someone cleaning headstones. She says her favorite part of doing this is seeing the family of the people happy and of course the rocks.

“Because the headstones are rocks, and they have little shiny things on them,” described Nadilee.

She says there are two subjects in school that she applies to what she does: science and social studies.

Nadilee has a lot of other things she does. She plays the flute, football, and wrestles. She also has a few pets. Two dogs, five hermit crabs, and, three cats, to be exact. She is still deciding on a future career but has some ideas.

When asked what she wants to be when she grows up, Nadilee responded “Um, mostly a geologist.”

She hopes to serve as a role model to other kids and show them that “They could help do it too.”

Nadilee’s been doing this for three years now with the help of her mom, all out of the kindness of her heart. When people offer to pay her, she tells them to donate the money to a charity instead.

Here’s to you Nadilee!