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EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — Eyewitness News is committed to helping our children thrive. NEPA’s Children First is an initiative to help kids get all they need to succeed. We’ll be recognizing their amazing accomplishments, tackling important educational issues, and offering parenting and mentoring tips.

Together with you, WBRE/WYOU are putting NEPA’s Children First.

NEPA’s Children First has four major initiatives to make sure kids are getting the recognition they deserve.

Here’s To You Kid: We are highlighting all the great things kids are doing in Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania. If you know an extraordinary kid, let us know by emailing us at

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Paola’s Parenting Playbook: The ‘Parenting Playbook’, featuring by Paola Giangiocomo, will let you hear from experts and how they recommend approaching the tough subjects with your children.

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A Little Love: So many children are looking for a permanent home and family… a family just like yours. Each month Eyewitness News, working with the Statewide Adoption & Permanency Network, introduces you to some extraordinary kids who could change your life.

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Athlete of the Week: Eyewitness News is looking to highlight young athletes in Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania.

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