Andy Mehalshick is the lead member of the Eyewitness News I-Team. Andy started his broadcast journalism career in 1979 at Wilkes University where he received a scholarship to run the college radio station. He began reporting at the Hazleton Area Radio Station WQEQ-EXPX in 1982 working his way up to News Director – at the same time he reported for an area newspaper. He was hired by WBRE in 1985 and has performed duties in virtually all the positions in the Newsroom including: Anchor, Producer, Assigment Desk as well as Investigative Reporting.

Andy has won numerous journalism awards – including Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasting Awards – an Emmy Nomination for his coverage of the Penn State Child Sex Scandal.

Andy is very involved in the community and has taken part in numerous fund-raising events including serving as host for the American Cancer Society and Help Hand Telethons since 1985. One of his missions is to protect children and has presented his award winning “Stranger Danger Program” to thousands of kids since 1994.

He is a native of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

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