Guests will be:

1. Chef Lyman Winner of the new Frogtown Bistro at Mountain View Vineyard.

2. Linda Rice owner of Mountain View Vineyard


Chef Winner will cook and Linda will talk about pairing the meal with wine. They can both speak on the grand opening of the new property. They’ll also be bringing our new wine release, Vision. It’s a dry red blend that was barrel aged for three years. Fun fact: The winery worked with a science lab at East Stroudsburg University to make sure the new wine has the perfect balance.




Braised Short Ribs


6ea. 10oz Boneless Short Ribs

1qt. Beef Stock

2c. Red Wine (MVV Vision)

4ea. Bay Leaves

6Tbsp.  Red Sauce

1bunch Fresh Thyme


Kosher Salt

Black Pepper


Sweet Potato Puree


2ea. Large Sweet Potatoes

1C Heavy Cream

4oz. Butter

4oz. Light Brown Sugar

Kosher Salt

Black Pepper

Cayenne Pepper



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