SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY The fall season brings some health challenges each year. It’s why perhaps, now more than ever, it’s a perfect time to take stock of your personal wellness.

COVID hasn’t gone away and now some other health threats are emerging. So, Thursday night, Eyewitness news is on a trail, literally, to find the best pathway to stay healthy for the rest of the year.

A jog along the Lackawanna River Heritage Trail is one way to stay on the pathway to good health.

“As long as we have beautiful days like today, I could get outside and I could run. That’s perfect for me,” said Michael Ferguson of Dunmore.

But it’s not always possible to outrun highly contagious health threats when you are indoors with others.

“They can spread COVID, they can spread the flu, they can spread RSV,” Dr. Emily Volk, President of the College of American Pathologists explained.

Dr. Emily Volk is President of the College of American Pathologists who has a warning for those in the workplace.

“We need to be using good hand hygiene and we need to stay home when we are not feeling well,” Dr. Volk stated.

That’s also good advice for kids in school.

“Sometimes I put a mask on so like, no germs come to me or like sometimes I sanitize my hands too,” Deymy Lopez, a Scranton student.

Masks are still part of the recommended equation when COVID cases are running high. Dr. Volk says so is a COVID booster shot if you are eligible.

“That covers you really well not only for the original version of COVID but for this new Omicron variant,” Dr. Volk noted.

Getting the flu vaccine, too, is something Dr. Volk considers vital. This flu season could be worse than the previous few. Flu seasons in Australia usually foreshadow what will happen in the U.S. and Australia is emerging from a rough one.

What can be puzzling though, is how to tell the difference between COVID and the flu.

“These symptoms of cough and body aches, fever, headache, they overlap between the cold, the flu, and COVID-19,” Dr. Volk added.

She recommends a COVID test, whether it’s at home or elsewhere to be sure. And stay on top of your good health game plan.

Hiller asks, “Do you have any particular concerns about staying healthy this fall?”

Michael Simons of Scranton replies, “Um, not really you know. Keep up with your immunizations and vaccinations and stay active.”

Simons told Eyewitness News he got his third COVID booster in addition to his first two shots.

Meanwhile, Dr. Volk says one thing cannot be stressed enough: If you are not feeling well, stay home until you are better to help keep others in the workplace or classroom healthy.