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Boxing seen as a way to achieve overall fitness

KINGSTON, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — We’re just a few weeks away from when many of us make that annual New Year’s resolution to get fit. One way to do that is joining a traditional gym but there’s an increasingly popular other option that requires boxing gloves.

This isn’t about becoming the next Muhammad Ali or his daughter, Laila, who also fought in the ring. As Eyewitness News Healthbeat Reporter Mark Hiller explains, it’s all about improving your overall fitness no matter your condition, size or background.

59-year-old Laura Gilson of White Haven and her 35-year-old daughter Tiffany Lombardo of Mountain Top punched large, maize bags side by side.

Ms. Gilson said, “I’m like, hmm, I’ve got to drop some pounds and get into shape.”

They joined World Class Boxing about four months ago.

“And I feel great after I come here. I feel strong in my body. I feel healthy and I love it,” said Ms. Lombardo.

Members at World Class Boxing are punching and kicking their way to a physical transformation.

“I’m down like 15 pounds in ten weeks,” said Frankie Onorato.

The 32-year-old Pittston man wasn’t getting the results he wanted at the traditional gym. But here, he’s already trimmed his waistline by four inches.

“It is tough but it’s structured, like I know what I’m going to get into every day so it kind of keeps me going and they know what they’re doing so,” Mr. Onorato said.

Urging on these members during this boxing class is Physical Trainer Cheryl Diggs. She and her husband, Sean Diggs, own World Class Boxing.

“The trainer walks you through the entire class, the whole class. You’re never on your own. You never have to figure anything out by yourself,” she said.

Besides strengthening the upper body, the core, glutes, and legs also get a workout along with the cardiovascular system. And it’s never boring.

Ms. Diggs said, “We do weights included with our classes, core included with our classes, conditioning included with our classes but not one class is ever the same.”

“I just had a baby seven weeks ago,” said new mom Alyssa McEntee.

The 28-year-old Kingston woman worked out at World Class Boxing through much of her pregnancy. She finds the program addicting.

“Yeah, definitely. Once you kind of get yourself motivated you don’t want to stop coming,” she said.

Some, like Debbie Callahan of Shavertown are fighting disease. She has Parkinson’s and said, “It always progresses but I’m trying to slow it.”

Others are fighting Father Time.

“Being 51, it’s great. It’s great mentally, physically, healthy. You have to try to keep going no matter how old you are,” said Jeannine Yashkus of Wilkes-Barre. All are reaping the benefits.

World Class Boxing members credit their workouts for increasing their stamina and agility, lowering their stress, and sharpening their minds. Before beginning any exercise program, consult your doctor to make sure it’s right for you.

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