EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — According to a new survey, the answer to a long and healthy life is a mystery to many of us. The survey indicates most people do not fully understand how lifestyle can impact longevity.

The survey is an eye-opener, as three of every four people failed it, and the results come at a time when life expectancy in the US has dropped for a second straight year.

The question? What was the life expectancy from birth in the U.S. in 2021?

The answer: 76.1 years.

According to the CDC, that’s down about a year from the previous year. So, the group Medical Doctors Valued in Prevention (MDVIP) commissioned a survey.

“90% want to live longer but they don’t really know what to do,” said Doctor Andrea Klemes, Chief Medical Officer with MDVIP.

Dr. Klemes says three out of four survey participants failed a Longevity IQ Quiz segment on the survey.

“It’s really not hard because the things that extend your life are the things you’re always hearing about. It’s just that they’re the hardest to do,” Dr. Klemes explained.

Things like making healthier eating choices, getting your daily exercise, making sure to get enough rest, and practicing mindfulness to manage your stress.

Dr. Klemes says this focus is vital for parents and their growing children.

“Exercise together, showing them how to eat right, talking to them if they’re getting stressed, worrying about their mental health. All of those things will help the parents and their children,” said Dr. Klemes.

There are some longevity tips for older folks, too. According to a study published just last week, those 65 and older who do two and a half hours of moderate to vigorous aerobic activity at least two days a week combined with at least two days of strength training have a nearly one in five chance of living longer.

“It’s really never too late to start worrying about your health and anything you do today will pay off as you get older,” Dr. Klemes noted.

The majority of Americans do not realize most major heart attacks happen to people with normal cholesterol levels.

Or that hearing loss and social isolation can increase your risk of dementia. Also, a lack of sleep or consuming just one glass of beer or wine a day can shrink the brain.