KINGSTON TOWNSHIP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — The demand for COVID testing has only increased since the holidays, with 20,000 free testing sites now across the country. While those tests are happening at community locations another testing is occurring at home.

Many of us are taking rapid antigen tests; tests you can do at home and without a prescription. But what do you do if you test positive?

A Kingston Township woman who did walked Eyewitness News through her experience. Jenny Hetro thought she was coming down with a cold Monday night. The next day, she took a COVID-19 antigen self-test. A pink line surfaced on that little card indicating she has COVID.

When asked: what was your reaction to the results? Hetro replied: “Oh, gosh. My reaction was ‘darn’ in my news-appropriate words. But yeah, then my next reaction was, like, well what’s next.”

“You’re going to want to take that result as valid,” Alison Brodginski, MD, Director of Infectious Diseases, at Geisinger NE Region, said.

While you’re not required, you’re encouraged to share the results with your healthcare provider.

“So it’s important to be for what we call epidemiological purposes, for us to have a broad understanding in terms of how much virus is circulating in our community. We base a lot of our recommendations in terms of, you know, how we mask or perhaps when we can start pulling down masks in indoor places,” explained Dr. Brodginski.

What if your at-home test results are negative but you still have symptoms?

“That’s the instance where we’re going to say you’re going to want to contact your primary care physician and they’re likely going to want to order a lab-based test,” stated Brodginski.

According to the latest CDC guidance, a COVID-positive test means you should isolate for 10 days unless on day five you test negative and no longer have symptoms. In that case, just wear a mask around others through day 10.

Hetro says she’ll ride out what she hopes remains a mild case of COVID.

“Unless I get worse, I think I’m going to, you know, take my vitamins, drink my water, stay away from other people and try to just take rest when I need it,” said Hetro.

Hetro’s husband also tested positive for COVID and while she says her two young children were not tested, she removed them immediately Tuesday from daycare.

Still, have questions about CDC recommendations? Click here for more information regarding isolation and to learn more about who should and shouldn’t quartine.